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Requisitions Tabled Before the General House in the Session of 2013-14

S. # 
Subject of Requisitions 
 Name of Movers
Fixation Date Learned Speakers
 Decision by General House
 1  Against establishment of new high court benches
 Mr. Abdul Rashid Qureshi
 Mr. Abid Saqi, President LHCBA
 A committee to be constituted consisting on Senior members of the Bar. The committee will submit report within 3-4 weeks regarding feasibility of new High Court benches
 2 Condemnation of Joseph Town Incident 
M. Baleegh-uz-Zaman Ch. Secretary LHCBA, Mr. Rashid Lodhi, Mr. Shahid Mehmood Bhatti, Mr. Shahid Mir, Ms. Hina Jillani, Mr. Mushtaq Raj 

1) General House demanded severe punishment to the persons involved in the incident no matter how influencial they are.

2) To pay Rs. 15 Lac as compensation to every victim.

3) LHCBA will constitute committee under the chairmanship of Ch. Ghulam Sarwar Nihung Vice President LHCBA, Mr. Justice (R) Jamshed Rehmat Ullah, Mr. M. Aslam Zar, Mr. Shahid Mehmood Bhatti, Ch. Zulfiqar Ahmad, Rana Abdul Hamid. Ms. Afzala Qureshi, Ms. Ruby Hayat Awan, Mr. Robinson, Ms. Shabnam Aslam Nagi and Ms. Rifat Maryum as members. 
 3 Against establishment of new high court benches 

Mr. Allah Baksh Gondal, Malik Saeed Hassan, Ghulam Farid Sanotra, Qureshi Mehmood Hafeez
Lahore High Court Bar Association, Lahore rejects establishment of 5 additional benches of Lahore High Court. Considers it a political move to disintegrate lawyers unity.

 4 Against establishment of new high court benches 

Ch. Ghulam Sarwar Nihung, Vice President LHCBA, M. Baleegh-uz-Zaman Ch. Secretary LHCBA, Allah Baksh Gondal, Rana Muhammad Jamil Ahmad, Azhar Siddique, Imtiaz Hussain Khan Baloch, Ch. Muhammad Ramzan, Barrister Hassan Dastagir Shah, Muhammad Aslam Zar, Malik Saeed Hassan

1) LHCBA demanded withdrawal of decision of Punjab cabinet for establishment of benches.

2) LHCBA appeals to the lawyers from Faisalabad, Sargodha, Sahiwal, Gujranwala and D.G. Khan to call off strike.

3) Committee members to have a meeting with lawyers of Faisalabad, Sargodha, Sahiwal Gujranwala and D.G. Khan and to take them into confidence.

4) LHCBA will request Lahore High Court for revival of petition of Mr. M. D. Tahir 

 5 Six Point Charter of demand to defend the Honour of Namos-e-Risalat 
Sardar Aftab Ahmad Virk

Mr. Abid Saqi, President LHCBA 
Requisition unanimously passed

 6 Car Leasing to Advocate  Ch. Muhammad Saleem  19-03-2013  Mr. Abid Saqi, President LHCBA
Requisition unanimously passed
 7 Division of Punjab Province
Mr. Farooq Bajwa  19-03-2013
Mr. Abid Saqi, President LHCBA
Requisition unanimously passed
 8 Lahore High Court Timings  LHCBA
Mr. Abid Saqi, President LHCBA
General House unanimously approved the requisition 
 9 Requisition against allotment of Black Coat as election Symbol.
Mr. Allah Baksh Gondal
Mr. Abid Saqi President LHCBA, Malik Munsif Awan
General House unanimously approved the requisition and rejected allotment of Black Coat as election symbol.
 10 Tribute to Mr. Justice K.M.A. Samdani
Ms. Rabbiya Bajwa
M. Baleegh-uz-Zaman Ch. Secretary LHCBA, Safdar Abbas Maggsi, Mr. Ahmad Awais, Mr. Kazim Khan
Mr. Abid Saqi, President LHCBA accnounced that the Bar would hold a reference of Mr. Justie KMA Samdani in a befitting manner.
11  Condemnation of move to get postponed national / provincial assemblies election under the pretext of terrorism by undemocratic forces.
M. Baleegh-uz-Zaman Ch. Secretary LHCBA, Malik Saeed Hassan, Mr. Manzoor Gillani, Mr. Allah Buksh Gondal, Mr. Azam Nazir Tarar, Mr. Shehram Sarwar Ch. Mr. Jahangir A. Jhoja, Mr. Anwar Ghumman, Mr. Ehsan Wyne, Mr. Ahmad Awais 
Resolution unanimously passed by the General House.
12  Murder of Lawyer to be dealt under ATC
Mr. Muhammad Ahmad Qayyum
M. Baleegh-uz-Zaman Ch. Secretary LHCBA, Mr. Nazir Ahmad Khan, Mr. Mushtaq RAj, Syed Fida Abbas.
Requisition Unanimously passed and a committee constituted to deal with murders of lawyers. Committee consists on Rana Ghulam Sarwar, Mr. Jehanzeb Bharwana, Mr. Imran Aziz, Mr. Shaukat Ali Mehr, Mr. Moazzam Ali Shah, Mr. Tahir Sanotra, Mr. Shahzad Hassan Sh. Mr. G.A. Khan Tariq 
 13 Condemnation of terrorist attack on Quaid-e-Azam Residency in Ziarat, Boolan Medical Complex Quetta and on Medical Students Bus
Mr. Abid Saqi, President LHCBA 
Requisition Unanimously passed
 14 To Condemn Military Coup in Egypt
Mr. Allah Baksh Gondal
Mr. Kamrna Murtaza, Syed Muhammad Aslam Rizvi.
Requisition Unanimously passed
To condemn change in the schedule of President election 
Mr. Rashid Lodhi 
Mr. Ahmad Awais, Mr. Tanveer Ahmad Hashmi, Mian Jameel Akhtar, Mrs. Asma Jahangir, Syed Qalb-e-Hassan Vice Chairman Pakistan Bar Council

Requisition passed with thumping majority alongwith following additional points.

1) LHCBA demand Chairman Senate / Acting President to initiate reference of misconduct in the Supreme Judicial Council against members of Supreme Court bench Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Ch. Mr. Justice Sh. Azmat Saeed, Mr. Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja with regard to violation of constitution of Pakistan. Otherwise LHCBA will initiate the same.

2) Chief Election Commissioner and all members of provincial election commission should resign forthwith.

3) The recent presidential election and its result have no sanctity. LHCBA does not accept unconstitutional/ ambiguous result. 

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